Groundswell Community Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing safe and brave space for women overcoming trauma, depression, and anxiety to find their healing, empowerment, and community through Surf Therapy & Ocean conservation programs.

Join us in embracing self-love, sea-love, and surfsisterhood!

Our Programs

We offer 8-week and single-day therapeutic surf sessions for women looking to overcome fears, heal from traumas and explore their true beauty and strength.

Registration for our 2019 Summer Session open NOW!

our community

Join us in being the groundswell for women and waves!

The ocean is a metaphor for life, I can’t control her flow, but I can learn to surf her waves with curiosity, excitement, surrender, humbleness, joy, & zero expectations. She shows me how life is truly in constant flux, requiring courage & surrender & skills in flowing. She accepts me exactly how I am, no judgement. All love.
— 2019 SurfSister Participant