"This is my weekly moment of joy!"

-Groundswell Community Project participant 2016


Our Mission

To be a creative community that allows women to embrace healing and empowerment through bold and beautiful engagement with each other, the outdoors, and the arts.

We Serve

Women who are overcoming abuse, trauma, addiction, trafficking, self doubt, depression, anxiety, and displacement. Women find us through their community centers, homeless shelters, addiction recovery homes, therapist referrals, eating disorder clinics, refugee services, and loving friends that want to see them shine their true beauty and strength into the world.

We envision a world that....

-builds an empowered multi-cultural, multi-generational community of women

-creates safe spaces for self expression, exploration, and healing for self and the community

-makes the healing potential of the ocean accessible to all

-does all things with mother natures preservation first in mind


foster expressive and inclusive group experiences that utilize the gifts of the sea to                     HEAL WOUNDS, BRIDGE DIVIDES, & EMPOWER the FULLEST EXPRESSION OF SELF so we can live as a united sustainable community that share and save the sea we love.

Be the Groundswell


100% of monetary donations go to run the local and global therapeutic surf programs that heal, empower, and unite women in the waves. Make an ongoing monthly donation or single donation. $50 gives a wetsuit, $150 a surf board, $500 a surf therapy scholarship for a woman in need! Every dollar is a wave of love and support for women in the waves!

Donate surf Gear to empower women in the waves

Support women and the waves locally and globally! Aside from monetary donations  we also rely 100% on gear donations to help make our programs run. Donate your old surf gear to be up-cycled and kept out of landfills and polluting our beloved Mother Ocean and see how it can heal, empower, and unite women in the waves!

Items needed:

  • soft top surfboards

  • body boards

  • swim fins

  • leashes

  • surf board racks

  • womens' 3.2, 4.3, 5mm and spring wet suits

  • wetsuit booties

the time in the surf with the girls I counsel has provided beautiful metaphors for recovery, creating a shared language of healing and empowerment.
— Teri therapist at Shakti Rising


Science and personal testimonies on how surfing and ocean integration is so much more than a sport but a path to healing, empowering, and community building

Interested in diving deeper into Surf Therapy? Join us for our Surf Therapy for Trauma Recovery Training

May 4th, San Diego