Volunteer trips

What is a Volunteer Trip?

Watch this video below to get a special look into what we are doing in Huanchaco, Peru and what you will get to take part in if you join our Surf & Service Trip

surf & Service volunteer trip (PERU)

When: January 13 - February 28, 2020 (3-week minimum commitment)

Where: Huanchaco, Peru

What: We will be running surfsister summer camps for local women and girls to empower them towards sea-love, self-love, and surfsisterhood. While sharing our love and stoke for surfing!

Before our 2019 programs, there were 5 girls in our surf club. Now, there are over 50 women and girls who partake in our programs and utilize our Groundswell Casita (which is a clubhouse where girls can rent out surf gear in exchange for doing a beach cleanup.) Exciting things are happening, and we would love to have you there with us!!!

Our Surf Therapy sessions in San Diego County are set up in small groups with no more than 9 women participating. Each of these groups are lead by a surf therapy facilitator and a surf safety facilitator. But what makes our programs extra special is we have a volunteer SurfSister for every participant. We have 2 different types of SurfSisters: Sand Sisters (catching boards, encouraging, capturing the stoke [aka taking photos], helping with time, etc.) and Sea Sisters (in the water with them helping with their surfing skills, providing safe space for them in the water and in group settings, etc).

We are currently in the off-season for our therapy programs, but please fill out this form and we will connect with you for next summer!

Not able to join internationally?

Check out our local surf therapy programs happening all around!