Freedom to hold the sacredness of this body: mine and Mother Ocean's

Why is it important to you that women surf? It feels really important to me that women are out there on the waves because mother ocean is an energy source that women can harness as their own personal power. Developing relationships with all the feminine parts of nature helps us come into our wholeness and understand and respect the immense power available there and within ourselves.

Have you ever struggled with any mental health issues and if so how has surfing and the ocean helped you along the journey? I struggled with bulimia very seriously for 2 years and for 8 years after struggled with my relationship with food and bulimia was still a presence in my life. The ocean has always called me so so so deeply; really all water for that matter. I spent every day of every summer in middle school at the beach swimming ALL DAY. I’m not sure I could have articulated it at the time but it was a beautiful space of freedom for me. As I began a more serious dive into my recovery from bulimia and released some of the shame and guilt that had lived in me for years, I was introduced to this surf program and it was a beautiful deepening into my relationship with the ocean. I have a lot of learning to do in this surfing realm but this program really allowed me to create a deep focus on my relationship with water. It creates the space to be reflective and PRESENT with your life and Mama ocean. I ended the program feeling even more called to be in relationship with the ocean and my ability to hold the sacredness of this body of water increased immensely.

If you could go back and visit the you that was just learning to surf what would you tell her?

If I could go back, I would tell her to open her heart from the beginning. To really be present and awake to the majestic beauty of this water body. To get to know it in whatever capacity is available. I’d tell her to let herself be held and nurtured by this magick and just rest into the experience of the water.

What is your hope for the future of surfing? My hope is to continue to release fear and deepen into trust with my relationship to the ocean. I also truly desire to be of service to Groundswell in whatever ways I’m able as it is such a gift to all women who come to experience it.

Writer: Sage DeLucia, Age: 25 , from Allentown, PA and currently lives in Sacramento, CA

She learned how to surf with Groundswell and has 2 years as a surfsister!

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