We provide intersectional small group surf therapy programs for self identified women to engage and expand themselves through diving deeper into self love, sea love, and surfsisterhood.  Along with how to surf with confidence and community, but will receive to practice mindfulness, yoga, mental health awareness, ocean conservation, self love, and community engagement. Register today for a program and be delightfully surprised by how Mother Ocean will transform you, empower you, heal you, and unite you with a bold and beautiful community!


Have you always wanted to learn to surf? But didn't know where to start or don’t want to venture out into the waves alone? Here's your chance! Conquer your fears no matter how big or small with a supportive community of Surf Sisters and let the healing, empowering, and uniting of mind/body/spirit&community begin!

SurfSister Program includes:

  • All Surf gear (wetsuit/board/leash) plus local discounts for purchasing your own!

  • Yoga

  • On land group surf lesson

  • 1-to-1 in water trained Surf Sister Volunteers

  • Facilitated by a Licensed Therapist and Water Safety Team

  • Surf topics will cover: board repair, ocean safety, reading the waves, pop-up, maneuvering the board through the waves, surf etiquette, and lots of stoke!

  • Surf Service days where we will share our stoke and partner with other local organizations like Surfing Madonna and Surfrider to give back to Mother Earth and those in need.

  • Invitation to Baja Surf Service Day trips where we will share our stoke with the local community and enjoy adventure in the water together.

  • Membership to the community FB page to meet other women to paddle out and be inspired in the water with

  • Access to online curriculum, videos, and tips to help you gain confidence in the waves


2019 Summer Surf Therapy Schedule


SD Session 1:

Ocean Beach, San Diego 8-week Sessions / every Tuesday starting June 4, 2019 (FULL)

Encinitas, San Diego 8-week Sessions / every Thursday starting week of June 6, 2019 (FULL)

SD Session 2:

Ocean Beach, San Diego 8-week Sessions / every Thursday starting week of July 11, 2019 (FULL)

La Jolla, San Diego 8-week Sessions / Every Monday starting week of July 8, 2019 (FULL)

Encinitas, San Diego 8-week Sessions / Every Wednesday starting week of July 10, 2019 (FULL)

Sign up today and our 1-to-1 model allows your donation to give the gift of Surf therapy to women overcoming addiction, abuse, trafficking, and depression.

Suggested Donation: $500

want to be part of our programs as a surfsister volunteer mentor? click here!

LA/OC Sessions:

We are looking forward to growing the Groundswell OC community, We would love your ideas and feedback to help build transformational surf therapy sessions in your area

Contact to get involved, express interest, or share your stoke as a surfsister mentor.

San Fransisco Sessions (closed)

AUGUST 3, 8:30-noon: Half Day Program at Pacifica State Beach

Requested donation: $150

Email madison@groundswellcommunity to register

Suggested Donations:

If you are interested in giving to benefit a local organization or group taking part in our day programs

Full Day Surf Therapy Programs: $600

Half Day Surf Therapy Program: $275

We believe that all women belong in Mother Ocean's waves! We work hard to raise funds to provide scholarships and donation payment plans to support those in need. 

Personalized Empowerment Surf groups


Are you part of an organization, program, class, or group looking for a way to grow closer, stronger, more vulnerable, and more enriched? Let the ocean break down barriers and build bonds! We can specialize a program to cater your groups needs, passions, desires, and hopes for growth. Programs can include yoga, surf instruction, ocean conservation education, ocean safety, and community give backs. We have provided these programs for recovery centers, homeless shelters, refugee centers, women’s groups, and corporations. 

Witness first hand how the power of surfing Mother Ocean’s waves can build vulnerable, compassionate, strong, and bold community!