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We offer international Surf and Service Volunteer Retreats that engage women with the local community through surfing, ocean conservation and women’s empowerment programs. Join us in building sustainable surf clubs for girls and women around the world!



Jan 13 -Feb 25, 2019

Pick a week or all 6 and come volunteer as a surf sister mentor for our Summer Empowerment Surf Programs for local girls in Huanchaco, Peru. This coastal fishing village claims to be the birthplace of surfing and is only 40 minutes from the world renown longest left, Chicama! Our surf programs provide local girls who struggle with poverty, sexual abuse, and drug use the opportunity to find healing, empowerment, community, and dreams in the surf together!  Grab a board, a surf sister, and your stoke and come join us for an unforgettable week of surfing and service! 


1 week: $500
2 weeks: $650
3 weeks: $900
4 weeks: $1050
5 weeks: $1100
6 weeks: $1400

(includes stay at Moksha yoga/surf hostel, breakfast, community engagement, daily yoga practice, a day trip to Chicama, airport pickup and drop off)

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Surfing in cuba was illegal until recently, yet still with limited resources the locals have caught the surf stoke and surf everything from plywood to refrigerator foam boards. Three years ago, Natalie Small, founder of GSCP, joined with local cuban surfsister Yaya and launched the first women's surf club to empower women in the waves. Now Yaya is starting her own nonprofit, Ola Cuba to share surf stoke and ocean conservation with youth in Cuba! Interested in supporting your surf sisters and helping share their story? Click the links below.

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