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Contact: Madison Elick - madison@groundswellcommunity.org

With roots in San Diego, California, Groundswell Community Project is honored to serve several different communities of women throughout San Diego County. Ocean Beach is the home of our first ever Groundswell sessions and summer 2019 marked our first sessions in La Jolla and Encinitas.


Contact: Natalie Small - natalie@groundswellcommunity.org


Contact: PJ Brown - sup@groundswellcommunity.org

Join us in our first ever women’s therapy group dedicated to healing, empowerment, and unity through stand up paddle-boarding! We believe that through our interactions with water and the natural world, we are able to carry on our journey of healing in a unique and powerful way. Join in on this special addition to the Groundswell pipeline!


Contact: Natalie Small - natalie@groundswellcommunity.org

Groundswell works in a small surfing and fishing town in northern Peru called Huanchaco. Just outside the main city of Trujillo, Huanchaco is a hot spot for backpackers and travelers. Amidst the hustle and bustle of tourism lies a laid-back people and deeply-rooted culture that makes this town such a special place. The local community is one heavily surrounded by surfing, but suffered from a great disparity in access to this beautiful world of surfing. Groundswell has been able to step into a mostly-male dominated surf culture and make space for women and girls in the local community to learn and grow in surfing, while also providing opportunities to heal, empower, and unite together through “Mama Cocha”.

If you are interested in being a part of the waves of change happening in Huanchaco, Peru, head over to our Volunteer page to learn more!

If you want to financially support Groundswell Peru, see how your contribution can make a difference:

  • $10 /month provides surf camp for a local woman or girl

  • $50/month helps our Groundswell Casita to remain open and available to local women and girls

  • $100/month provides year-round surf and community programs (yoga, meditation, feminine education classes)


Contact: Yaya - yaliagni@nauta.cu

Surfing in Cuba was illegal until recently, yet still with limited resources the locals have caught the surf stoke and surf everything from plywood to refrigerator foam boards. Three years ago, Natalie Small, founder of GSCP, joined with local cuban surfsister Yaya and launched the first women's surf club to empower women in the waves. Now Yaya is starting her own nonprofit, Ola Cuba to share surf stoke and ocean conservation with youth in Cuba! Interested in supporting your surf sisters and helping share their story? Click the links below.


Contact: Sally Harris - scotland@groundswellcommunity.org

Join our new community of surfsisters for programs that empower self-love, sea-love, and sisterhood.