Interested in joining a group or setting up a private clinic for your community? Want to get involved, be a surf sister, donate gear or volunteer your skills so we can bring the healing, empowering, and uniting power of the ocean to more women? Or simply have a question or want to say hi?....Hello!

Donate surf Gear to empower women in the waves

Support women and the waves locally and globally! Aside from monetary donations  we also rely 100% on gear donations to help make our programs run. Donate your old surf gear to be Up-cycled and kept out of landfills and polluting our beloved Mother Ocean and see how it can heal, empower, and unite women in the waves!

Items needed:

  • soft top surfboards
  • body boards
  • swim fins
  • leashes
  • rash guards
  • womens' 3'2 and spring wet suits
  • wetsuit booties

Our Office

Pacific Ocean, San Diego




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